Offer of real estate in Albania for sale and rent

Why invest in Albania?


Strategic location in Southeast Europe

Location in the heart of many major transit corridors. Gateway to world markets through 4 ports.


Business friendly environment

Tax benefits granted to investors in strategic industries. Attractive incentive schemes. Legal framework in accordance with EU legislation.


A world-recommended tourist destination

Ranked fourth in The New York Times. Rated in Lonely Planet's as one of the top 10 places to visit. (2019)


Single point of contact mode

24 hours for the registration of a new business entity. Fast and transparent licensing system.


Dynamics of the economy with a growth rate of 3.7% (2019).


Monetary currency (Lek) which is solid and stable against the Euro.


No restrictions or restrictions for foreign persons and companies. 100% foreign ownership is possible.


Foreign investments in the Republic of Albania are not subject to prior verification.

They are allowed and treated on the same terms as investments by domestic entrepreneurs.

Do you have an office in Prague and want to rent it?

Travel agency and real estate agency in one

Whether you are interested in Albania itself or you are looking for a way to protect financial resources by investing in real estate in a country with exceptional potential, you are in the right place .

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